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 News in Sharon Hills
 There are 2 New Elementary Schools proposed within the new developments on the west side of Leslie St.
The Public school board policy is that there must be an existing number of students  in the area before construction of a new school can begin. The holding areas for this new development will be for the most part in the surrounding Newmarket  area schools, with a very small amount of holding in Sharon Public School as per the boundary map for Sharon Public.    There are also 2 new Secondary school sites, with Huron heights the Holding School for the Sharon area. The Separate School Board shows that the replacement school for Our Lady of Good Council, to be located in the Sharon Village development has a tentative opening date of September 2017, with Good Sheppard CES in Holland landing as the temporary holding area for the Sharon Village development in the interim.official-sharon-plan


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Waste and recycling in East Gwillimbury
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Town of East Gwillimbury  Bylaws
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Windfall Ecology Centre

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Report a Crime
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Report Fraud
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Legalizing a Bsmt Apt
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Building Permits
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Chamber of Commerce



New Smoke Alarm Requirement
As of March 1, 2006, every home in Ontario is required to have working smoke alarms on every storey or level, including basements. Non-compliance with the Ontario Fire Code smoke alarm requirements can result in a ticket for $235 or a fine of up to $50,000 for homeowners, tenants and individual landlords, and up to $100,000 for corporations.
Corbon Monoxide Alarms Requirement
Does your home have Aluminum Wiring
Acquiring insurance on homes with aluminium wiring may require a specific certificate stating that the Aluminium wiring has been inspected by a qualified
electrical inspector. This certificate may have to be ordered and paid for by the owner (seller) of the home. This eventually may be a requirement on renewal of home owner’s policies as well.
ESA ( Electrical Safety Association) 1-877-372-7233 web site
The Insurance Bureau web site

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All information that is submitted by residents of the area is previewed for inappropriate content only, but is not verified for accuracy of information or 3rd party links prior to uploading to this site.